How to politicise a tragedy

I think it’s time people should know that many atrocities are committed with the aim of puting the blame on innocent souls. I don’t deny the claim that some Muslims do go extreme in their actions due to lack of understanding of islam, what is sure is that Islam preaches peace and tolerance. Allah says in Quran 5v32 that if anyone killed a soul not in retaliation of murder or (and) to spread mischief, it is as if he killed all mankind. And if anyone saves a soul, it is as if he saved all mankind. Also in Q60v8, it is that ” Allah does not forbid you from doing good and being just to those who do not fight you on the account of your religion or who do not drive you out of your homes . Even though in a case of jihaad, killing of innocent souls is forbidden. One is only to defend himself or his people from the hands of invaders. This is islaam. If some elements now perpetrates crimes only to be blamed on Muslims, this should be given a serious thought rather than blind punishment. There should be an understanding of the trending politics and a better of investigating into any crime should be established so that the perpetrators of any crime are found and punished rather than being used by some people who only calls a dog a bad name for it to be hanged.

Idiot Joy Showland

I am writing this the morning after a series of violent attacks in Paris that left over one hundred and twenty people dead, and still it feels callous to even be writing about it. As much of the world reels, there’s something very brutal about the idea that now is a good time to demand that others listen to your very clever opinion. If it’s barbarism to write poetry after Auschwitz, then it’s also barbarism to write thinkpieces after Paris. Don’t politicise; don’t use mass murder to score rhetorical points against your enemies, don’t crow je te l’avais bien dit, don’t play tug-of-war with the bodies, don’t make this about yourself, don’t make this about politics.

Which on the face of it is odd: death is always political, and nothing is more political than a terrorist attack. These events happen for political reasons, and they have political…

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